Saturday, 18 November 2017

Have You Been Targeted By A Malignant Narcissist Bully?

Here are two really great videos about adult bullies and their targets. In my experience, what Dr. Namie describes in the workplace squares with what occurs in a controlling and psychologically violent family where a malignant narcissist or sociopath runs the show and targets a member of the “family” for destruction.   

In an abusive narcissist family dynamic you have the Scapegoat, who is unjustifiably assigned the "problem" role by others within the family and wrongfully blamed for those members' own individual or collective dysfunction, often despite being the only emotionally stable member of the family. Then there’s the Mastermind: the opportunist who capitalizes on the other family members' faults and weaknesses to get whatever he or she wants and is often the object of appeasement.

In my NFOO, I was targeted for systematic destruction by both the MN mother and MN sister “Mastermind.” Despite not seeing them in 28 years, the attacks to annihilate me have not let up. Indeed, the attacks have ramped-up to the point where every aspect of my life is threatened. It appears the MN sister will stop at nothing to see me reduced to a state of docile submission. Not going to happen. Her pathological need to crush me is so intense it's a sickness in her; an obsession, a compulsion, a craving like that of a drug addict. And like a drug addict, she gets one hell of a high inflicting harm and usurping the free will of others.

Malicious narc bullies don’t just want to dominate others; they want to take possession of them. They are identity thieves. It’s incredibly creepy to know that someone out there is so greedy they want to steal your life; they want to steal you. But let’s be clear. They don’t want you to die because then the game would end and unbearable boredom would set in. It’s much more fun for these sadists to torment their targets and watch them slowly die inside to the point where they are degraded to a fraction of their former self.     

One thing to remember about some of these bullies is that if you look carefully you will see that they hold an unusual amount of “power over” their target, so it’s impossible for them to be the victim of the target as some of them claim. You can’t have the ability to exercise control over various aspects of an individual’s life and be a victim of that person at the same time. Another thing to remember is that the Scapegoat is never the true problem. The real problem in any abusive family, workplace or system is the one who causes all the problems, but is deemed untouchable for whatever reason.   

There's legislation in place to keep people safe from bullies in the workplace and educational institutions. But for some reason bullying, mobbing, shunning, terrorizing and targeting someone who shares your DNA is legal. In fact, I've learned that here in Canada it's illegal to express any negative feelings about your abusers. Don't talk. Don't think. Don't Write. Don't Feel Anything About Abuse. Canada fosters a system where the family bully thrives. In fact, here in BC abusers are the protected group and the system colludes with the narcissists in the silencing of their victim and willingly becomes an extension of the family violence, blame and subjugation of the Scapegoat.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How The Malignant Narcissist Tries To Systematically Destroy You, Through The System

Being publically accused of a crime one did not commit could lead a person to jump off a bridge. Once the information is out there, defending yourself, clearing your name, fighting suspicion and tolerating disdain is a horrible predicament.

People with little information can form strong opinions and take unwarranted retaliatory action from expulsion from the clan to spreading the false word. In Jane Eyre, the cruel headmaster tells the girls to let no one be her friend, take her hand or comfort her. You get the sense that this is the worst for Jane, worse than the head blow and the lack of bread.

If the accusations are not true, the person is in a situation that is similar to being bullied. Even if one is rich, successful, famous or “has it all,” the psychological devastation can be ruinous. If you are not believed, if you cannot fight back with the true story, if now you are distrusted and under scrutiny, the sense of helplessness is overwhelming. People with inner vulnerabilities are easy targets. Others sense the fragility and find it thrilling to gang up or attack. Having a scapegoat can help a group form a strong bond and find meaning in what could be otherwise empty lives.

It is widely known that people with certain kinds of pathology are brilliant at looking like victims when they are actually perpetrators. They can ruin the life of an innocent person. You can see this on Law and Order, learn it in Psych 101 or know it instinctively.

When you hear a story, consider the narrator. Who is this person? Why is she telling this story when she is? What feelings does she convey when she tells it? If there was true victimization, then the wish to retaliate is utterly understandable. You as the listener may feel like crying too. But what if the true story is not as it seems? You might have a strange lack of empathy. Sometimes people dramatize. Some lie or they feel so injured for rational or irrational reasons that they come to believe their own distortions. There are those who are at peace when they lie and those who toss, turn and torture themselves about doing so. In short, some people lie and some do not.

You might wonder as you listen, is this person truly seeking wellness, self-protection or justice or is the goal to destroy someone else? If a person is lying to hurt someone else it is a very aggressive act and the accuser needs help. Such choices do not foster a healthy existence with generous, loving relationships.

You might hear a tale of woe, and just have the feeling that the teller is not all that woeful. Maybe there is a need to blame or malign for secondary gain: attention, fame, money, importance or drama. Maybe the person is not in touch with reality and is retaliating against an imagined transgression. Some seemingly intact people can have paranoid fears at the core. In order to “defend” themselves they act against others. Maybe the goal is to take someone else down for competitive, regressed, or even unconscious reasons. They just want what the other one has.

Making a false accusation in a public way is an aggressive act. In the movie The Bad Seed, a sociopathic child has an angelic demeanor and manages to destroy many lives. Sweet faces, soft voices and tears can hide sadistic impulses.

Source: Psychology Today

Saturday, 11 November 2017

When A Sociopath Is Hell-Bent On Destroying Your Life

If you are one of the lucky ones, you only temporarily crossed paths with a Sociopath, and were used (possibly abused or picked-clean) then discarded like yesterday’s trash.

However, if you are one of the unfortunate ones, you are a lifetime target of Sociopathic Character Assassination: a full-on, unbridled attempt by the Sociopath to totally destroy any credibility that the unsuspecting victim may have had.

What makes this victim so special over other victims that they are targeted to be the recipient of an obsessive and compulsive campaign of systematic destruction?

Simply stated, in most cases, lifetime targets of a Sociopath know too much about the Sociopath.

Sociopaths routinely maintain at least two separate personas. One personality that is embraced by unsuspecting society, the other is their true self, their dark side; the one they keep hidden. They may have many other personalities that they dial-in at any particular moment to manipulate their current audience and change masks at will with the intent to defraud.

It is imperative that the Sociopath keep their dark sides hidden from the general populace. Think about it; if anyone knew who they really were, their lives would unravel. To the Sociopath, protecting the secrecy of their true malicious nature is as important to them as anything that provides life or sense of purpose to any other normal human being.

Sociopaths usually launch laser focused unilateral attacks following a very calculated formula. Even though there is no known, “playbook,” that has been published for the Sociopath to follow, they all intuitively use the same system to ruin the lives of those who they feel may be a threat to the sacred secrecy of his or her true self. Certainly, making a potential witness appear to be crazy, mentally disturbed, unstable or anti-social is the logical solution. 


Years of research and experience has concluded that usually within the first moments of engaging with a victim who might have access to too much personal information on the Sociopath, they begin to sow the seeds of doubt and lack of trustworthiness behind the victim’s back.

The Sociopath draws in friends, family, third parties, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances of the victim with his or her lies, manipulations and victim playing in an effort to build a (false) trust relationship with the fringe audience and paint the target as someone of poor character. This is accomplished with little effort as the sociopath has innate skill to easily control the perceptions of others endearing them to him or her as they wield their persuasiveness.

The initial impact, though appearing quite harmless and innocuous is commonly cloaked in the appearance of concern for the victim’s well-being and might sound something, like, “I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but have you ever thought that (insert victim’s name) may not be what he (or she) appears to be?” No accusations, no data, reports or inclinations of anything concrete, just tilling the soil and fertilizing it with a little doubt.

All the while, they are increasing their own credibility with someone who may be a family member, friend, associate, community contact or acquaintance of the intended victim; unaware that they are being groomed as the Sociopath’s minion who will be turned against the victim when the time is right.


Grooming from this point forward will take a secretive slant and will likely be presupposed with something, like, “Don’t tell (insert name), but…” as they actually sow seeds of doubt.

As the relationship between the sociopath and his or her minion(s) grows deeper, more and more seeds will be sown in an effort to cast doubt, while the victim is none the wiser.

I’ve always thought it peculiar, that in most cases, these once close associates of the victim rarely, if ever, courteously approach them with the sensitive information with a sincere, “Hey, I was just wondering about (insert reports of lack of sanity, trustworthiness, a secret double-life, illicit drug-use, illegal activities, pathological symptoms, etc…)…” that would definitely be an early indicator that something was up.

In most circumstances the victim continues to navigate their life’s journey unaware that the world they once enjoyed is being eroded or destroyed behind their back.

It is common for the Sociopath to project their psychological attributes onto the target. For instance, if they engage in criminal behavior, then this will be represented as being a problem for you. If he or she is greedy, interfering and demanding, this would be presented as something that you struggle with. If they are pathological liars and tend to make up elaborate stories, it will be the victim who secretly lives a fantasy-life where nothing is as it seems… on and on and on…

Why? Because no one knows these attributes better than the Sociopath. They are the undeniable expert in these pathologies and they know how critical it is for someone who has them to keep them a secret in an effort to appear to be normal.

In no way is it suggested that the Sociopath might limit their attacks to their own attributes. They are extremely acute at the skill of taking a grain of truth and spinning it into a ludicrous conclusion that will cast a dark shadow on anyone at any time.


Sociopaths have the ability to spin any factual data into an outrageous yet convincing yarn that will breed conspiracy or contempt for any individual at will.

For instance, let’s say that you had a hard day at work all day, due to struggling with an intense ongoing headache. Everyone at work could tell that you were not “on your game” as usual. If you intimated to the Sociopath that you had a headache; that would give them the data that they needed to spin a tale.

The tale may take many shapes and forms, but will be consistent with some of the previous seeds that had been sown against you. For instance, if the Sociopath’s intention was to have you appear to his or her minions that you were a closet illicit drug user, he or she might intimate, “Wow, did you notice that (insert your name) was out of it yesterday? It’s normal to go through withdrawals when you don’t get your fix before you get to work… It’s so sad…”
No matter what you say or do, you cannot prevent the Sociopath from spinning it into a negative story about you that will erode your sense of normalcy. 

Instilling shame, embarrassment, guilt, and fear is how all abusers control and silence their victims.


When the Sociopath has a clue that you are coming to the end of your usefulness in the accomplishment of their goals, he or she ramps up the defamation, usually making it appear that it is you who is beginning to attack them. At this point the Sociopath will appeal to their minions’ sensibilities as they present themselves as the sacrifice, martyr or victim of your psychotic manipulations.

Having no internal filter, they will stop at nothing in an effort to degrade and humiliate you. They will spout vile accusations, even proclaim you’re mentally ill, if it will support their proclamation that you are dangerous and cannot be trusted.

Trying to defend yourself is almost pointless. Often anything that you say in your defense will appear to be a part of your alleged psychosis and will strengthen all of the groundwork that the Sociopath has laid in preparation of this moment.

Even if the Sociopath’s relationship with the minions begins to dissolve (as it almost always does when the minions outgrow their usefulness), the seeds will always leave a mark in their minds… and as heartbreaking as it may be, in most cases, regardless of the ultimate revelation of the Sociopath’s parasitic lifestyle, there may be no hope for recovering the life that you once knew.

Jobs, reputations and fortunes may be lost, friends will turn their backs on you, family members will distance themselves, the people entrusted to help you will always wonder who you “really were” all the time they knew you.


There is no way to anticipate how long the attacks will take place. In some cases, if the Sociopath is the least bit concerned that you might at some point discredit them or tarnish their appearance or reputation… the attacks will continue. If the Sociopath believes that at any point you could be a threat to their charade, the spinning will not cease. This perceived threat may continue until either of you cease to be.

Many Sociopaths make it clear by the unrelenting torment of their victims that they will not rest until you are locked-up, put away, homeless, or dead.


Sociopaths may even go as far as to manipulate the authorities. In many cases a devious Sociopath may launch a criminal complaint and have you arrested in an effort to take away your freedom and make certain that you will have little or no credibility whatsoever. Destroying the target through the legal system plays quite effectively into their slanderous toolbox, diverts attention away from their unsavory behavior and gives them the leverage they need to get away with their misdeeds all the while garnering loads of sympathy and support for being perceived as the injured party.  


If you are active in social media, it is not very hard for the Sociopath to tap into your network and obfuscate. A Sociopath’s life revolves around spinning everything you say or do against you. Getting there first and controlling the narrative through fabrication, obstruction and editing is priority number one.

For the Sociopath is a shameless predator always engaged in a cover-up of their simmering hostility, diabolical ruthlessness and degenerate way of life.   

Monday, 6 November 2017

Abuse Apologists And Narcissist Appeasers Are Just Birds Of A Feather

Don't fall for what passes for "truth" by the prescribers of false righteousness. They want peace at all costs. They are willing to overlook the crimes of abusers in order to keep things looking good on the surface. They want you to screw yourself by pretending someone didn't injure you, steal from you, slander you, etc. They demand you submit to bad treatment so they don't have to deal with anything as messy as your hurt or angry feelings at having been crapped on and screwed yet again. See what I'm saying? These people who condemn your negative feelings are demanding you put up with being raped. They are demanding your silence. In fact, in a real sense, they are piling on with the narcissist. They don't want to be inconvenienced by your justifiable reactions to evil deeds done to you or yours. Do not give moral weight to the opinions of someone who is only studying their own convenience and therefore willing to subvert justice in the name of a false peace or truce with evil. 
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