Tuesday, 12 August 2014


It's kind of a funny story.

About 6 months ago, I worked a short-term gig at a film festival. One of the many activities at the festival was a "Pitch Session." A pitch session is a speed dating type set-up where you sit down with a leading industry professional and pitch your original idea in a matter of minutes - usually 10 minutes. Think: elevator ride; where you deliver the summary of your project before you reach your floor. After ten minutes, the bell rings and you're off to the next table to meet your next 'date' - Producer/ Broadcaster.

With what I believed were two great ideas, I participated in the pitching sessions; hand picking the industry professionals I thought would be receptive to my story idea, genre and format. The pitch sessions were quite successful and I had two producers interested in one of the ideas. I met with both of them and business inched along.

Fast forward 2 months, I have an interview with a Production Company for a full-time position. During the course of the interview we some how get on the topic of SOCIOPATHS - now how did that happen? Anyway, the interview took a weird turn, and we (me and the two Producers interviewing me) ended up talking about sociopaths and narcissists and family dysfunctions the entire time!!

I was not offered the job, and was told I was "over-qualified." Sigh. I figured I screwed-up because the focus of the interview flew off the rails and became less about the job and more about Sociopaths and Narcs. Doh!

Meanwhile, one of my projects was slowly moving its way through the system of a national film board and a national broadcast corporation, but it was still uncertain whether or not it would be picked-up by either organization.

Remembering the Producers that I had the job interview with and their enthusiasm on the topic of personality disorders, I decided to approach them with my ideas. I arranged a meeting to pitch both projects.

Long story short; they loved them BOTH, and they are both going into development!

All of this has been in the works for months, but I didn't want to write anything about it because I'm a little superstitious about jinxing things that are really important to me.

So there you have it. I'm going to be very busy working on two documentary film projects that are very close to me and I feel very passionate about. And for those of you wondering if the films are on the topic of narcissistic abuse... yes... well... sort of. Yes, they are related to narcissistic abuse. I can't really disclose more than that. But the ideas came to me after I isolated a couple of very timely themes from the fall-out of malignant narcissist sister's latest stunts and abuse of me. I could almost thank the bitch for being such a malicious nut job.

Also, ALSO!! I have a literary agent interested in my book. Yup, I've been quite busy trying to spin gold out of narcissistic abuse barb wire. I submitted a 'query' to an agency and they are interested, and I was invited to send in further material. They only asked for the first 4 pages of the manuscript in the initial query, and I have written only a few chapters so I need to get crackin!

Who knows what will come of any of this; being an ACON I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Here's hoping that things move forward!

With two films and a book in the works, I will be very busy in the coming months and beyond so I won't have much time to devote to blogging, but I will do my best to eventually get a post out to keep the discussion alive on House of Mirrors.

The subject matter of the documentary films should be of great interest to ACONs and other victims of narcissistic abuse, so I will be sure to keep readers updated on the projects as soon as they move through the pre-production stage and legal issues and copyright matters have fallen into place and there is no risk of infringement.

My blog content is being sourced for each of the films, and we may be seeking additional feed-back via an online audience, as well as utilizing crowd funding for one of the documentaries, so there will likely be promotions, announcements and updates on House of Mirrors, or a separate blog or Facebook along with Kickstarter  - so please keep on reading!