Sunday, 26 April 2015

How Do You Get Even With A Malignant Narcissist?

Bloggerella A Novel by Lisette

How do you get even with a Malignant Narcissist? 

You write a book. Well... first you start with a blog, establish a readership, and then you write a book. Once your first draft is complete you post your semi-autobiographical novel on Wattpad. Then you ask your blog audience to read your novel, follow you on Wattpad and vote for your story and leave comments. While all this is happening the malignant narcissist(s) that you are getting even with are watching… because… well… narcissists are snoopy and predatory and that means they are cyberstalkers.

If you would like to join me in my master plan of revenge and maybe even get a vicarious thrill watching me expose the narcissists, please follow me on Wattpad. Once you’re a follower you will receive notification of any updates on my story. All you need to join is an email address. It’s as simple as that. Wattpad also has an amazing free app. 

I really hope you check-out my story. I need all the encouragement and constructive criticism I can get. It’s the first draft and I’m still teasing out ideas and chapters so I would love to get some feedback from my target audience. 


Covert psychological murder is the bloodless AND legal form of homicide that causes severe mental illness, life threatening stress diseases and drives people to suicide. Ella Venger survives such an attempt on her life; sustains psychological injury and winds up in a hospital psychiatric ward at Christmas. Her attackers told the authorities she was mentally disturbed, but Ella knows the truth and she wants justice. One-by-one she will expose her assailants; burn down theirs lies and subject them to the same psychological violence she suffered at their hands. Eye for an eye, BITCHES!

Bloggerella - Chapter 1   

Bloggerella - Chapter 2