Monday, 29 August 2016

Calling Adult Children of Narcissists to Vent Your Rage!

Calling all ACONs! 
Get your rage on and find validation HERE

The Narcissists have a playbook on how to systematically destroy others, now ACONs have their very own handbook to be liberated from the oppression of narcissistic abuse and receive validation along the path to freedom.

The book is called Breaking Free: A Way Out for Adult Children of Narcissists and it’s OUR book. OUR brick to shatter all of the Narcissist’s dirty little secrets and lies! Our message to the world that we will not stay silent!  

Currently our message is being diluted by those who CHOSE, as full grown adults, to be in relationships with purported Narcissists. ACONs had no choice. We are dealing with a lifetime of narcissistic abuse, not a few months or a few years. The Narcs sunk their evil tentacles into us when we were still plastic. Narcissistic abuse warped our perceptions of our self, other people, the world and our entire lives. Most of us didn’t even plan for the future because we were too busy surviving day-to-day.

Then society piles on and mutes our voice because we were abused by our parents and siblings. Apparently “family” get do whatever the hell they want to the people that share their DNA. If you are Malignant Narcissist granny you will be believed when you file false police reports against your estranged daughter. No questions asked because, after all, mother knows best even though “mother” has not seen her daughter in 25 years. I wonder if 'Betty Loo' who dated a Narcissist for 6 months and whines about it for 6 years has to deal with this kind of shit?!

Let’s break our silence. Let’s shred the universal pattern of adult children of narcissists being overlooked and abandoned. Let’s stop taking a back seat to those crying wolf, seeking attention, or nursing their bruised egos from being “devalued and discarded.” Let’s own what WE lived, continue to live and continue to survive. The asshats crying narc abuse the loudest and playing enlightened guru have made inroads exploiting our very real experiences. These frauds would have jack shit to write about if it weren’t for the adult children of narcissists who carved the way by sharing their hard earned knowledge and insights (there is a limit to what you can learn about narcissistic abuse when your only experience is a couple of alleged narcissists stepping on your toe in College).

Let’s take the megaphone away from those who have jumped on the narcissistic abuse bandwagon as a career choice, a hobby, for a social life and as a way to play victim or expert and receive unwarranted attention and recognition.

Let’s shout louder than the phonies and narcissist sympathizers. In fact, let’s make so much damn noise that we drown out the sniveling masses who believe narcissistic abuse is the best thing that ever happened to them and possessively cling to “their” Narcissist. The red flag of a phony is someone who says, “My Narcissist.”  Good grief! Most ACONs find it difficult to use the word mother or father let alone put the word “my” before it, and I have taken to writing “the” malignant narcissist mother/sister because I cringe at the thought of a connection, even if it is simply by use of a possessive pronoun.

I truly am sick and tired of all the charlatans getting air time.

It OUR time to be heard!  

So here’s what I am proposing….

Book Sample Page of a MN reading the "Playbook"

A proof of Breaking Free (an actual book) has been shipped to my home and will arrive this week. I am really excited about holding the book in my hand and also a little scared. The book has been through quite a metamorphosis. It began as a color book (because I’m a sucker for color), but the cost to print was obscenely expensive so that idea was scrapped. But all the hiccups throughout the process including the death of one computer, the near death of another (it’s currently being kept alive with a metal clamp – no joke!) have turned-out to be a blessing in disguise because they brought me full circle to my original idea and what I believe the book is truly meant to be:

A cool book for ACONs that has a graphic novel feel and look to it. The book is 6 x 9 trim and is currently 350 pages. It’s in black and white and has interesting illustrations throughout that suit the dark subject matter. I also hand-picked different fonts to go with each article. For example: The Brady Bunch font, The God Father font, Blood Gutter font (you get the idea). With the new interior came a new cover which better represents “Fuck You!” lit and the ACON message.

Breaking Free is a merging of the two eBooks with a few additional articles, a summary and lots more validating sound bites from readers. It’s going to sell for $21.99 across all channels and I want to give you the opportunity to personalize your book.

So here’s what I’m thinking: the book still needs to go through one final proof/edit and that means I can add pages. So I came up with the idea of a “Rage Page” or “Rage Pages” or an “ACON Blast!” These will be pages in the book where you can make your mark in print… forever!  Unless of course the book causes such uproar that it is burned and banned – wouldn’t that be awesome?! It would mean they are listening and running scared!

I have enabled “Anonymous” commenting on this blog post so you can shout from the rooftops whatever the hell you want to those who have wronged you. Vent your rage, send a covert message to your evil sibling, express your relief at breaking free from narcissistic abuse, share your wisdom, revel in your triumph over your abusers – make it your own! See it in print! 

Book Sample Pages

If the whole world was listening to you what would you want to say about being an ACON and narcissistic abuse? Now is your chance to send a message! It’s time to stop peekin’ and start speakin’!

Remember, it’s totally Anonymous. I won’t even know who you are.

But don’t waste your time being nasty to this blogger or any ACON. My give a damn is busted and we don’t give a shit about you!

The Proof Book Arrived Today!

Spread the word to other ACONs!

Here’s hoping you guys will let it rip!  

Thanks to Gladifoundyou and Ruby for stepping-up to vent your rage. Your comments made it in the book!

The book is now available to purchase HERE.  

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Hello Lisette,
    I'm looking forward to the new book, it sounds great! I did also want to add that I would also be willing tompay a lot more (ie;$49.99?) for a color version of an exact replica of your original blog. I say this, because it was a personal journey of discovery I took with your help and to have that very specific journey immortalized in book form would be worth a great deal to me personally. And I'm guessing I'm not the only one. Also, the material, graphics and comments were all "right on" and so "originally inspired," something which might not survive the metamorphous process a book can go through with an "editor" at large and the revision process. I think your original audience speaks for itself. I guess sometimes we even have to "defend" the "rightness" of what we did "off the cuff" in direct responds to the narc abuse inflicted by our families!
    Personally, I was tempted to print some of your posts (character assassination would have been first) but I never did out of respect. I would love the opportunity to purchase them, however, in their original pristine form, and again, I'm thinking I'm not alone on this! Perhaps others could comment.
    Either way, I also look forward to purchasing the new book, which sounds like a super cool addition! Best wishes, come what may!

  2. Thanks for your input. It sounds like you are suggesting a coffee table book - a large, hard cover book with thick glossy color pages. Believe me, producing that type of high end book is a dream of mine. I think it would be the perfect format to replicate the look and feel of the blog and its orginal content. I would likely have to work with a large publishing company to get the funds to create such a book. So my thought was to see what happens with the paperback and then build on that.

    As for the paperback, it will go out any day now! I received it yesterday and I am really happy with the results. There can be so many issues with printing, but it looks fucking awesome (if I do say so myself) and this version is going out.

    As for anyone wishing to vent their rage; that idea is still up for grabs and can always be incorporated into a different book edition and/or format - like a coffee table book. But it may take a hardcore new article or two to get the troops all riled-up. I serioulsy hope you guys haven't gone soft on me :)

    Again, the book is really cool! If you want the blog in book form this book will not disappoint. It's around 350 pages (it's a good weight and really meaty). It's visually interesting, entertaining to read and all the articles and comments have been left in their original form. In other words, I have not "edited", I have only corrected spelling and punctuation for the sake of easy reading. That said, it's an Indie book and it's going to be a little rough around the edges, but so is the blog so it all works!

    The color version I was working on was the same book, but with color images so it wasn't anything too fancy. Amazon had a minimum list price of $39.99 for it and at that price I would get a big fat zero in royalties. So, it was not a practical way to go and I personally would not pay over $40 for that book. "If" I go color, I'm going to go big and it will warrant a higher price.

    Anyway, stay tuned for the links to purchase the book. Delivery with create space is amazing - I ordered on Sunday and the books arrived Tuesday morning.

  3. Boo hoo ... So you got your feelings hurt bad by your narcissistic relationship and that has never happened to you before. Well welcome to our fucked up world. Because, (and I learned this all from you Lisette) we have been dealing with these relationships our entire lives! Like you have taught me, our narc radar was smashed, stomped on, and torn to shreds from day one. We have been like flypaper to these narcs ... Friends, co-workers, boyfriends, husbands ... You name it, we have been there. But the big difference and I mean Big difference, is we have no safety net, no soft landing ground, no family to run home to. In fact what do have? Soul suckers who are only there to stick their claws in deeper. Need some comfort? Some kind words? a hug? Ha! Ha! Ha! Here are the kind words FM/GC brother said when I finally found the the last zap of energy in my soul to leave a fucked up husband, "you should stay with him because nobody would want you with two kids". MN sister 1 would tell me to come drive an hour in my piece of shit car, with no sleep, no gas money to her house and see how she lived like a queen in her million dollar home. She would pretend she cared while staring off into space with a blank expression every time I talked because everything that happened to me was my fault. Then she would suck the rest of my energy out with her petty problems, and tell me that the reason she was able to tap into the main artery of MN mother's bank account was because she has a special relationship with her and is basically her favorite. Then when she had enough of me she would send me home feeling so drained and tired that I once again become easy prey for the husband I have been so desperate to leave. MN sister 2, no matter what I had told her, became friends with the ex and helped him in his campaign to smear and slander my name all over town, and at my children's school, to the point where strangers would come up to me and tell me off like they knew me. Thanks family ... You almost killed me. The relationship was nothing compared to the lifetime of Narcissistic abuse that set me up for that relationship in the first place, and the absence of a family that literally didn't care whether I lived or died... After all if I died it would have been my own fault for not living according to their rules. And they would all say, "Yes our little sister was never very smart." Better yet, "she was stupid. We tried to help but ... Maybe she was brain damaged" (Sigh) and "feel sorry for me for having had to endure her" (sob sob ... Fake of course). And the icing on the cake ... They would get my kids. "Oh how wonderful of you to take her kids ... They are lucky they have you." Can I throw up now? Fuckers!

    In fact, at one point or another, this so called family, befriended the ex. Why? Even though he never paid child support, because he shared in their unanimous decision that I was a failure, that I would always be a failure, and what ever you do, don't let her think otherwise. Nice right?

    Oh no Lisette, I think I just I just wrote the first page of my Rage Page ... I think I might need an entire chapter ;)

    Love it all Lisette! You rock!

    1. Oh Hell ya! That's what I'm talkin' about!

    2. Gladifoundyou, may all those fuckers rot! I have a lot more to say about this because your post has really struck a nerve. And for what it's worth, I am sorry. Truly sorry that you were cursed with such a vile "family" and for everything you have had to endure. May they choke on their own poison!

    3. Thank you Lisette for your kind words and validation ... Validation is so healing for us ACONs. All of that took place 20 years ago and although the years were quite difficult for me, I survived... Barely but I did. I also managed to raise some pretty terrific kids in spite of their efforts, and in spite of myself as well ( I was pretty depressed for a long long while). I went as low contact as I possibly could after that, but funny thing about these narcs, they will do everything they can not to let you go. They have over the years tried to pull me back into their clutches from every angle they could. I Guess they missed their punching bag. Well the craziest thing happened a few years back. My FM/GC brother ... Yes the one who said that wonderful comment above, and much much more, came out of his narcissist spell and basically said, "these women are even to crazy for me"... I add "bat shit crazy". Do you believe in miracles cuz I swear this was one. Being validated by my brother was very liberating and he agrees with almost everything I have to say about these 3 ... I know mind blowing right? He has even stepped in to protect me in my parent's will! Seeing how cruel MN sisters ( especially one sister ) and mother are to my father has forced us to step in and rescue my father. Being cruel to a 96 year old who is stone deaf with dementia is pretty low... But after all, it is their true nature. Are things all peachy now? Absolutely not. Both sisters who hate each other are fighting over who can spend as much of my mothers money up before she dies because then they won't have share it. Meanwhile, my brother and I are now supporting my father because MN mother will not give him any of HIS money. He has 10 dollars to his name and that is why both sisters have absolutely no interest in him. Yes I hope they both rot in hell and choke on their own lies and poison!!!

    4. Congrats for raising terrific kids in spite of those evil fuckers' efforts to bring you down - that takes real skill!

      I am glad your brother FINALLY wised up. Took him long enough! But your situation proves that the narc spell can be broken. Usually the monkeys and minions collude with the narcs because there is something in it for them, and when the $$$ runs out or the bad outweighs the good/perks they abandon them.

      My vile MN sister doesn't give a damn about my dad. She had not bothered to see him in over 7 years and only spoke to him on the phone (even though she only lives an hour away from him). But as soon as she realized I was on to her exploitations of him, she shoved him in a tiny, dark, dingy old folk's home with a kitchen that amounts to a hot plate. She didn't even see the place first. She had her thug monkey bully my dad into the prison. And after her and her monkey had him locked up, she crawled out from under her rock, got into her car and moved into my dad's beautiful townhouse that backed onto a park, and proceeded to clean it out. She took everything. Of course this was always the plan, as she had been pressuring him to buy expensive things that he didn't need and would never use for years. I bet she's enjoying the $3,000 mac computer that she convinced him to buy that he didn't use - the man can't even open an email. But she didn't stop with the big, expensive items. She even stole small beloved items and creature comforts from him like his transistor radio that he loved to listen to every morning. He got a few meagre scraps.

      The vile, greedy witch also took control of all his bank accounts (in addition to his mind) and when my dad wanted to help me get a hip operation, she put a stop to him sending the money. I can barely walk these days, had to sell my car and sometimes have to ride my bike past her mortage free condo that has a massive patio and a million dollar view. Yup, that cunt has millions and she has never worked a day in her life. She tapped into the main artery of both my parent's bank accounts her entire life. I could go on, but I will save it for the next book.

      When I read you and Ruby's comments I feel less alone in my sitution - thank you both. And even though my parents are long divorced, the vile MN mother is in the background reaping the benefits of the MN sister's exploitation of my dad. In fact, she trained her franken daughter to go in for the kill.

      It would be great if my long lost brother wised up, but I don't see it happening. He's a fucking coward just like his dad.

      May all these pieces of shit get what's coming to them!

  4. Can you put some books up on ebay? It will make it easier for me to buy one. Though that may be a purchase for next month.

    1. Why it would be easier to buy on ebay? I've never bought or sold on ebay before.

  5. I have suffered so much abuse from my narcissist mother and narcissist sister who tried to drive me to suicide many times and deliberately messed with my mental health.

    I cut her out of my life two years ago but in June this year 2016 I found out she got hold of the spare keys to my house off my mother and let herself in without my permission.

    So even after I had exited her life thereby no longer being the burden I supposedly was ,she still was trying to cause me ill health and drive me to my death.

    Nothing surprises me anymore of what these two are capable of I stand my ground with the No contact rule.

    The other day my niece informed me that my mother had instructed her to tell me that I should feel free to visit my mother and talk to her at anytime.

    I told my niece to tell her I will not be doing that and that I am good as I am and that I don't need anything off my mother and wish her well.

    If I were to start talking to my mother again that would be letting the genie out of the bottle,she is a lonely old woman now,stuck with only the company of my narcissist sister.

    If I gave attention to her dramas she would start off being nice then drag me down with verbal and emotional abuse,she would swell in size from the power she would get from controlling,bullying and abusing me.

    Whereas now I am free and enjoying my life.I can see who I like, go out when I like,be in control of my own finances,which she used to consider hers, and best of all my health is better and I am safe from abuse.

    My life is no longer threatened and in danger and these two shrimps,tiny,useless, insignificant scum who once had the power of a shark's jaws over me,now matter not.

    I realize they only had the power over me that I gave them and with that they almost literally took my life and all the money and property I had too!

    Good riddance,I do not consider them at all.I do feel love for the person I thought my mother was but who she really is I don't know.I only know what a relief and a pleasure it is to no longer expect emotional support from her and to no longer care about the lack of emotional support and all the abuse she dished out to me my whole life.

    I am mindful that if I let her she would do the same again and continue to do it,so I care not about her needs in her old age,I leave that to my narc sister.

    I am glad to no longer feel responsible for my mother's emotional happiness which I had done and carried this burden for 50 years.Now I know not one second has my mother ever cared about me it was all about her and what she wanted and needed from me.

    And my narcissistic sister well a more violent,selfish person I have never known in my life but I am sure readers have met their own version of her,jealous, spiteful, competitive, anti social, paranoid ,violent and ultimately TOXIC!
    I am eagerly awaiting this book Breaking Free by Lisette,I read House Of Mirrors but not the e book Exiting The House of Mirrors.I wanted a copy in paperback that I could hold in my hands.Thanks to Lisette for articulating so perfectly what we are all going through,what we have suffered and what we were up against going up against a narcissist.

    May we all be beacons of light for those following after us and liberate all worthy folk from their narcissist tormenters!

    1. Ruby, your MN mother and MN sister deserve each other! Without you to feed on, hopefully the evil duo will cannibalize each other. Your niece is acting as your mother's flying monkey, so it's best not to give her any information because it will get back to your MN mother and she will it feed off it whether it is good, bad or everything in between. Your MN mother and sister will never let you go. In their delusional minds they own you. Of course that's their problem. I am so happy for you that you have gone NC with these vile creatures and reclaimed your life! You will forever be a thorn in their side just by existing independent of them!

      Ps. the book will be out soon and parts of your comment made it into the book. Thanks for your contribution!

  6. What I want to shout in rage at my narcissist sister and mother is I hope you enjoy each other and spit your venom at each other,go ahead and chew each other to bits cos you don't have me anymore.I didn't deserve any of the violence you put me through,the loss of my sanity,the loss of my youth,the bullying and control.Well I am free and you do not matter a shit!You hear me you have no power over me or my life,I turn my back on you,I do not need or expect anything from you I never did,all that lying shit about me being ill and incapable and needing you,being dependent on you that was you imprisoning me and keeping a tight grip on me, a chain around my legs attached to you.Well if you ever come near me again I will call the police like I have done every time since I left you that you have tried to hurt me again,this time they have a domestic violence report filed on you and they have promised they will get you next time you try it on.So see where it gets you.You get the two fingered salute from me now and forever!

    1. Yes!! Well said!! Thanks Ruby, for putting into very strong words the exact sentiments I have for my MN mother and sociopath sister!

  7. Hey Lisette..I would think of the tragic and sad story of the orphan..a child left alone in this world through illness ..disease..violence ..war..sad so very I know about... and I think about... the ACON ..the child who would have been much better off, with more hope, more chance of happiness ..peace off to have been an are a warrior Lisette..thanX

    1. Oh yes, I have always felt like an orphan. And it's a terrible feeling to be orphaned by a family that is still very much alive. I, and most ACONs, would have been better off if we were actual orphans (meaning: the fuckers never lived long enough to do damage) - you are right about that.