Sunday, 6 November 2011


Anonymous said...

Consider yourself and your blog providing a "Global Service" for sending these purely evil beings off on an "iceberg" somewhere. As long as we-particularly the adult children-start facing AND embracing reality, recognizing we can not instill a conscience where none exists and act on our most primal need for self-preservation, f the label, the DNA relationship and what "others" think: GET OUT NOW. This blog resonates with you? Accept they ARE who they ARE. I can honestly say retrospectively my MN mother did NOT lie per se (although she certainly engaged in horribly duplicitous, nasty behavior throughout her life). I simply could NOT accept for years the implications that my MN mother was just plainly, clearly evil. "The banality of evil" wrapped up in the label "Mother" was horrifying to be raised in; when I stepped away (NC) it became breath-taking in it's manifestations and implications. And as she aged, this apparently "harmless old lady" act continued to pull in others as she lived her parasitic lifestyle, feeding off other people and expropriating their kids-adult or not. By that point I no longer needed or cared about other's perceptions.....and as she burned their asses one after another, I didn't care to hear about it from them either.
When an adult child terminates a relationship with a parent, very, very leery about your "opinions" and your involvement with this "poor person....her DAUGHTER (gasp!) no longer keeps in contact/does nothing to help" etc. My MN sharpened her claws, shredded her daughter and manipulated/abused this daughter for years. Put yourself "out there" for these people and MN mother will do you EXACTLY the same way.

So don't cry me a river-I cried my own....and I'm DONE.

I consider your blog more than a clarion call, an excellent source for information on MNs but a "Global Community Service/Public Announcement." Ignore it at your peril....and don't say you "Didn't KNOW." Adult kids just don't go around willy-nilly terminating parental/familial relationships. And if others choose to NOT factor that HUGE statement in their "opinions" and actions here's an OJT Big Time Lesson In Life commin' right atcha. You won't escape unscathed, nor IMO should you: The "Law of Natural Consequences" and the predictable behavior of the MN ensures the outcome.


  1. Anonymous,
    Thank you for belting out the truth like nobody's business.

    DENIAL of REALITY just got a swift kick in the ass!

  2. I totally "get" every word that poster said. So ever-freaking true. Thanks for telling it like it is.

  3. I love, love, love this! Well said and way to be clear. Evil is as evil does, regardless of the name it goes by.

  4. The problem with a lot of people is that they are ignorant to what the issues are with nfoo. In their own arrogance, they want to believe that it is a two way street. Society has a hard time believing that a parent can be so cold towards their own children. On top of that, the lies that nfoo tell makes the narcs believable to others.

    I'm the only one(the scapegoat) in the nfoo that has stood up for the truth and have been nc for quite awhile now.Therefore this sets me up as the one with the "problem," not them. They are the majority and I'm only one. In society, the majority wins.Societies attitude is that "it can't be that bad because only one has left the family." If it was that bad then more family members would have gone nc. Therefore, people will always think that I'm the screwed up one and the narcs will perpetuate it.

    It is unfortunate that so many people choose to be blind(denial) and believe the narcs.Them and the narcs will have their day in God's court! They won't be able to suppress the truth forever.

  5. Anonymous,
    Thank you for your comment. This is a place where the one who got away is not viewed as the "problem." I'm suspicious of "the majority" NOT the odd man out. As should society when it comes to so-called "family." Those "people" can think whatever the hell they want. Let them wallow in their ignorance and denial. YOU are the one that had the strength and fortitude to walk away from the secrets and lies. You - the minority - lives in the truth and YOU deserve respect. And, you're exactly right - "They won't be able to suppress the truth forever." It's ALREADY leaking out!

  6. Ha Ha. Love it. The one that got away, yes we DID! But the poisonous tentacles never stop slithering and searching. The searchlights never stop arcing the skies around your home and the tractor beams, though slightly out of range, never stop giving a little tug.

    This is a safe haven, we are the real families, we have the truth. And they know it.
    p.s. if you don't prod the bubble, it will never burst.