Sunday 18 June 2023

Truth Is Coming Out About Colleen and The Oppressors, Bullies, Abusers, Swindlers, Thieves, Crooks, Liars, Lawyers, Fraudsters, Judges, Banksters, Cop ...

Thieving, Lying Sociopaths and Narcissists Will Be Exposed. One by One. Crime by Crime. Your Corruption Will Be Made Public:


Colleen McLelland - Thieving, Lying, Greedy, Malicious, Degenerate Sociopathic Sister
Robin Smith - TD Canada "Trust" Bankster
Seann Mayes - TD Canada "Trust" Banster
Martin Palleson - Crooked, Greedy, Thieving Lawyer
Sherri Yakashiro - Crooked, Greedy, Thieving Lawyer
Betony Rowland - The Most Crooked Estate Lawyer Around. Moral Degenerate.
Kathryn Ford - Corrupt, Vindictive, Seriously Deranged Lawyer
Brock Martland - One of the Most Corrupt and Tyrannical Lawyers in Canada. Morally Bankrupt.
Gary Cohen - His Bias, Narcissism and Stupidity Would be Laughable if it Didn't Kill The Innocent.
Emmet Duncan - Thieving, Crooked Lawyer. Now a Crooked Judge.
Thomas Wakeling - Crooked, Cruel, Liar. Total Blowhard. Beyond Biased and Abusive Judge. 
Michelle Crighton - Minion to Wakeling. Crooked, Callous & Stupid Judge.
Peter Tomic - Financial Predator and Fraudster Lawyer. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Total Incompetent.

And More...