Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Exiting the House of Mirrors: Freedom from Narcissistic Abuse - Now Available at Amazon!

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Exiting the House of Mirrors:
Freedom from Narcissistic Abuse

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Hello readers! Here is the burb for my second eBook Exiting the House of Mirrors: Freedom from Narcissistic Abuse. It’s now available on Amazon!

Like Jane Goodall who lived among the apes, Lisette SQ has lived among the narcissists. Lisette is an adult child of narcissists (ACON) and she really knows her way around this dangerous species. They say the pen is mightier than the sword and you will find this to be true in Exiting the House of Mirrors: Freedom from Narcissistic Abuse. Lisette takes the dark and disturbing subject of malignant narcissism and attacks it like a word warrior. She flips the script on the smirking narcissists and smirks right back! She mocks them, demeans them and exposes their weaknesses and all their dirty little secrets. And based on the comments preview in the book and the millions that read her blog, this bold and cheeky tone is exactly what victims of narcissists crave – to be in the driver’s seat laughing at their abusers and shooting them the middle finger as they burn away in their no contact mobile!

Narcissistic abuse has had a devastating effect on the author’s life and she tackles the subject head-on and this makes for one very compelling read. Lisette never lets you forget that she’s one of you. She’s an adult child of narcissists and she had no choice. She does not profess to be a self-help guru. Her goal is simple: to let others know what worked for her after trying everything out there to make sense of, and recover from her abusive upbringing - an upbringing that tainted every aspect of her adult life. The author drives home the point that in order to find freedom from narcissistic abuse we must face the truth, get clear and live in reality. Most importantly, we must have faith in our self and our truth, and scrap the pack of lies the narcissists brainwashed us into believing. 

Lisette’s take on narcissistic personality disorder is not only empowering, it is educational and entertaining. In this book, the author goes darker and digs deeper into the mindset of the malignant narcissist and she innovates in the process. Have you ever heard of a Skinsuit malignant narcissist? Let me fill you in. As Lisette describes it, a Skinsuit MN is a hybrid of that crazy copycat chick form the movie “Single White Female,” the deranged bunny boiler from the film “Fatal Attraction” and that lotion toting dude from “Silence of the Lambs.” Beware the MN who wants to get under your skin! Robot mode is another Lisette original and a great tactic to throw the narcissist in your life off their game.

If a narcissist has messed with you and your life then you are going to want to read this book. Lisette drags your abuser(s) on stage and hands out baskets of tomatoes to the crowd. It’s a cathartic experience to join in on the attack!

Your feelings of helplessness will evaporate and your feeling of power will explode!


  1. "That lotion toting dude from Silence of the Lambs.." I love it! This book description is the bomb. I'm getting my hands on a copy. High fives Lisette, high fives!

    1. Thanks, DP! High fiving you right back!

      Stay away from lotion toting dudes :)

  2. Omg the copy cat narc. That's it I have finally found evidence right here that this happens. My narc neighbour copies everything I do. When she was setting me up with the police my husband set up a video camera at the bottom hallway window. Next morning he asked why I turned right at the end of the pathway to go up the street. I told him I never went out at all. He looked closer at the camera to find it was narc neighbour. There she was with her hair tied back the same as me wearing the same leggings and cream cardigan. I told him that she did not have those clothes on when I saw her that day. Everything I do or wear is copied.

    1. Yep, the copycat narc. I have come across a few. They don't just want to copy you, they want to *become* you. Beware the copy cat narc.