Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Malignant Narcissist Troll

My last blog post touched on malignant narcissist cyberpaths and cyberstalkers, so I knew it would only be a matter of time before a narc came out of the shadows. Like clockwork, I caught me a narc troll.  I asked it, “Where do you come from? Where do you breed? Do you write in dark basements?” All the troll could do was point at me and grunt. They’re nasty little critters:  short, stumpy and beady-eyed with glowing heads from spending too much time parked in front of a computer screen. It appeared to be dunked in neon orange slime. I believe the source of slime to be a greasy coating of processed cheese goo acquired from endless noshing on microwave nachos picked-up at their neighbourhood 7-11.  I asked it why it sends cryptic messages to complete strangers, but all it could do was point and grunt. I’m keeping the troll in a cage in my backyard for further study. So far I’ve been able to deduce this much about the repellent little creature.
Like my sister, all internet trolls are malignant narcissists. They are predators, and their behaviour is premeditated. They are stalking prey. They are contemptuous of living, feeling human beings. Their world is amoral, antisocial and incredibly bleak.  Malignant narcissist internet trolls are bored, angry, moody, alienated loners and losers. They are the quintessential Wizard of Oz: impotent little creatures pursuing their delusional sense of importance behind a secretive, solitary, and anonymous vice. The real world doesn’t give the troll the feedback it craves. It longs to be admired, but the world is indifferent to it.  It isn’t even acknowledged. It is completely rejected.  So it slithers around the internet as an aimless, amoral, and antisocial nobody. And like skunks, it shoots quick sprays of inner poison as a way to get noticed.
Sadly, the wretched little troll lacks purpose and vision. It stands for nothing. It lacks meaningful desires.  It is unproductive and has no purpose in society.  So it lashes out at others in order to relieve itself of the unbearable realization that it is not the centre of the world. It barely exist on its fringes. Its basement is but a dank, dingy, self-imposed prison of failure. The troll literally lives in the dark like a cockroach.  And a blog about malignant narcissism baits it and agitates it. The bright light of exposure forces it to face the unsettling reality of its vile nature and its only significance in the world as a creature for study. The information is too much for the tragic little troll to bear because it shows there is something very wrong with its way of being in the world. It degrades its lofty imge and incites its secret self-loathing. So the N troll fights like hell to repress the knowledge of whom and what it is by projection.  Yet it is weak, cowardly and scared so it sends its projections via cryptic internet search key words - a very obvious form of gaslighting. The narcissist troll has the mentality of a nasty three year old. It sticks out its tongue and runs away.
When I read this I burst out laughing. It’s classic narc!  It’s so transparent. 
gal get a life narcisists blog
Troll, you’re nothing but a cockroach, and like a cockroach you scatter and hide when the bright light of REALITY is cast on your vile existence as nothing more than a parasite. It goes without saying that you have no life, but that doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to snack on others. There’s no crumbs for you to feed-on here. But thanks for offering-up yourself as malignant vermin to mock. You got noticed as the joke that you are: a ridiculously inadequate "creature." You narcissist trolls make it sooo damn easy.
Yawn… you bore me. I think I’ll unlock your cage and let you creep back into your dark, dank hovel. 
Ps. Lay-off the nachos. You’re showing a lot of junk in the trunk.